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RootSys Suomipilvi™ Cloud Service

100% Finnish

Would you like to make sure your data is securely located in Finland? All RootSys Suomipilvi servers are located in modern, high usability data centers - in Finland.

RootSys Suomipilvi Exchange includes email and calendar features.

RootSys Suomipilvi Skype for Business includes similar instant messaging and video conference features as Skype, but with more variety and more suitable options for corporate use.

RootSys Suomipilvi Sharepoint enables efficient file sharing within the company as well as intranet pages.

RootSys Suomipilvi CRM is a CRM service based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 or Dynamics CRM Online Professional.

RootSys Suomipilvi WWW includes storage space for Internet pages. Based on Apache and its PHP support.

RootSys Suomipilvi Backup enables data backups.

RootSys Privaattisuomipilvi is a cloud server designed for private usage.

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