Integrated IT Solutions


We build comprehensive server solutions using industry leading state-of-the-art components (Microsoft, HP, IBM, Sun HW, DotHill SAN RAID, ORACLE ...).

We offer plug-and-play Microsoft/Linux-/Unix server solutions.

We will supply HansaWorld and the system programs as well as install them.

We offer HansaWorld and/or system program support.

As a High Availability solution we offer fault-tolerant SAN RAID disk systems and Cluster servers.

Additionally, we offer 24/7 monitoring for server environment.


We supply and install ORACLE database servers. We will configure the servers as needed by client environment. Additionally, we will fine-tune the servers in order for them to work as efficiently as possible in said environment.

We supply online backup solutions for databases using Veritas NetBackup products.

We represent Symantec Software Backup and Cluster applications in Finland. 
We build ORACLE online database backup solutions, automated backup solutions for work stations and fault-tolerant Cluster solutions for servers.

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