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F-secure RDR, advanced protection

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F-Secure's rapid detection and response protects your business from advanced threats to recipients.

F-Secure RDR's "Endpoint Identification and Response" (EDR) solution, which provides potential visibility into enterprise databases to respond quickly and used for hacking attacks.
RDR relies on lightweight sensors at the company's workstations to collect data for F-Secure to analyze. The data is all "real-time behavioral analysis" and "broad context detection" - mechanisms that distinguish harmful behavior from information networks, use normal behavior - quickly and easily.

RDR is a smart solution that complements traditional virus protection by scanning your corporate data network. The RDR operates on an isolated workstation where a burglary has occurred, which the burglar cannot achieve. RDR is a powerful and extremely easy solution for secure Business Information, and it is a powerful company through IT partners that actually saves you from analyzing and monitoring threats. For those interested in the state of the data network, RDR is provided with an easy-to-use control panel that tells you the data network detection commands, strain the most threatening detectors, and determine the path to what happens for suspicious behavior. RDR is conveniently integrated with F-Secure's computer security solutions and works with simple antivirus software.

As the number of cyber attacks increases, RDR will now be protected from contemporary threats by means of a threshold for its acquisition found in the price or deployment difficulty. For more information on F-Secure RDR products and security solutions, call 0207 545 400.

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